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Installation Guide
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Sample ODBC & JDBC Applications
Conceptual Overview
Data Access Interfaces
ADO.Net Data Provider
Interactive SQL Utility
Virtuoso Driver for ODBC
Virtuoso Driver for JDBC
OLE DB Provider for Virtuoso
Virtuoso In-Process Client
Unix Domain Socket Connections
Virtuoso Data Access Clients Connection Fail over and Load Balancing Support
Virtual Database Engine
SQL Reference
Virtuoso Cluster Programming
SQL Procedure Language Guide
Database Event Hooks
Data Replication, Synchronization and Transformation Services
Web Application Development
XML Support
RDF Data Access and Data Management
Web Services
Runtime Hosting
Internet Services
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TPC C Benchmark Kit
Using Virtuoso with Tuxedo
Virtuoso Functions Guide


This chapter covers installation, configuration, and utilization of the data access drivers / providers (ODBC, JDBC, OLE-DB, and ADO.NET ) that comprise the Virtuoso Client Connectivity kit.

Table of Contents

7.1. ADO.Net Data Provider
7.1.1. Introduction
7.1.2. Installation & Configuration
7.1.3. Programmers Guide
7.2. Interactive SQL Utility
7.2.1. Invoking ISQL
7.2.2. ISQL Commands
7.2.3. ISQL Macro Substitution
7.2.4. ISQL Variables
7.2.5. Using isql as a General Purpose Test Driver
7.3. Virtuoso Driver for ODBC
7.3.1. Windows ODBC Driver Configuration
7.3.2. Using X509 Certificates With ODBC Connection
7.3.3. Manually configuring a Virtuoso ODBC DSN on Unix
7.3.4. ODBC Compliance
7.3.5. Virtuoso Scrollable Cursor Engine
7.3.6. Effect of Connection & Statement Options
7.3.7. Efficient Use of API
7.3.8. Executing SQL from Python script
7.3.9. Extensions
7.4. Virtuoso Driver for JDBC
7.4.1. Virtuoso Drivers for JDBC Packaging
7.4.2. Virtuoso Driver For JDBC URL Format
7.4.3. Virtuoso Driver JDBC 3.0 features
7.4.4. Virtuoso Driver JDBC 4.0 features
7.4.5. Installation & Configuration Steps
7.4.6. Virtuoso JDBC Driver Hibernate Support
7.5. OLE DB Provider for Virtuoso
7.5.1. Using the OLE DB Provider for Virtuoso
7.5.2. Known Limitations
7.5.3. Data Types
7.5.4. Metadata
7.5.5. Supported Interfaces
7.5.6. Data Source Objects
7.5.7. Sessions
7.5.8. Rowsets
7.6. Virtuoso In-Process Client
7.7. Unix Domain Socket Connections
7.8. Virtuoso Data Access Clients Connection Fail over and Load Balancing Support
7.8.1. ODBC
7.8.2. ADO.Net
7.8.3. JDBC
7.8.4. OLE DB
7.8.5. Sesame