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This chapter describes how to administer the Virtuoso server from the Conductor interface. It primarily allow users to administer the server while giving access to many of the features that Virtuoso has to offer providing many conceptual demonstrations and introductions.

Most of the pages from the administration interface are provided to help administrators quickly and easily tune the Virtuoso server or navigate the various interfaces and features that Virtuoso has to offer.

Table of Contents

7.1. Virtuoso Conductor Administration
7.2. Runtime Hosting
7.2.1. Loaded Modules
7.2.2. Import Files
7.2.3. Modules Grants
7.3. Web Services
7.3.1. Import Targets
7.3.2. Import Queues
7.3.3. Retrieved Sites
7.3.4. Export
7.3.5. Access Control
7.3.6. Import WSDL
7.4. WebDAV Administration
7.4.1. DAV Resource Types
7.4.2. Content Management
7.4.3. Free Text
7.5. Internet Domains
7.5.1. HTTP Virtual Directories
7.6. XML Services
7.6.1. SQL-XML Statements
7.6.2. XQuery Search
7.7. Query Tools
7.7.1. Relational Data using SQL
7.7.2. XML Data Using XQuery
7.8. Replication & Synchronization
7.8.1. Snapshot Replication
7.8.2. Transactional Replication
7.9. Database Administration
7.9.1. Users & Group Accounts
7.9.2. Databases
7.9.3. External Data Sources
7.9.4. Event Scheduler
7.9.5. Virtuoso Configuration Editor
7.9.6. Dashboard and Monitor
7.10. Conductor News Server Administration
7.10.1. Conductor Newsgroups Administration
7.10.2. News Message Free Text Search