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This reference chapter contains information that needs to be found quickly and accurately without specific guide lines to the topics in question. This chapter contains the SQL Grammar, listings of all system errors messages, release notes for the product, how to get support on the product and a list of the system tables and there schema definitions.

Table of Contents

23.1. YACC SQL Grammar Reference
23.2. Error Codes Reference
23.2.1. Virtuoso Error Codes
23.2.2. Data Type Errors
23.3. Signals and Exit codes
23.3.1. Exit codes
23.3.2. Signals
23.4. Release Notes
23.4.1. New Features
23.4.2. Bugs Fixed
23.5. Product Support
23.5.1. OpenLink Discussion Forums
23.6. Virtuoso System Tables
23.6.1. Core System Tables
23.6.2. System Tables
23.6.3. Row Level Security Table
23.6.5. Collations System Table
23.6.6. UDDI Schema
23.6.7. Web Robot System Tables
23.6.8. Web Server & DAV System Tables
23.6.9. Mail Table Description
23.6.10. NNTP Server Tables
23.6.11. WS Reliable Messaging
23.6.12. WS Trust
23.6.13. SyncML Schema Objects
23.7. Basic Syntax of Regular Expressions
23.8. Server & client versions compatibility