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Virtuoso provides both a native database capability and a virtual database that integrates remote or third-party ODBC data sources seamlessly with Virtuoso's own. The virtual database (VDB) allows transparent unified queries across all linked data sources. The Virtuoso server supports ANSI SQL92, object extensions, and a significant set of PL extensions. The most important extensions include support for modern Internet standards for communication, data, and document exchange. Virtuoso supports communications protocols such as HTTP, SMTP and NNTP as well as a full suite of XML-based protocols including XML, XSL, SOAP, and WSDL.

Table of Contents

5.1. Core Database Engine
5.1.1. Logical Data Model
5.1.2. Data Types
5.1.3. Virtuoso Column Store
5.1.4. Explicit Vectoring of Procedural Code
5.1.5. Locking
5.1.6. Internationalization & Unicode
5.1.7. Creating A Collation
5.2. Virtual Database (VDB) Engine
5.3. Web & Internet Protocol Support
5.4. Web Services Protocol Support
5.5. Architecture