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Virtuoso provides a number of hooks that enable you to traps events within the database such as startup, shutdown, connection, disconnection and SQL compilation events.

Table of Contents

12.1. Database Startup
12.2. Database Connections
12.3. Database Logins
12.4. Database Disconnections
12.5. Database Shutdown
12.6. SQL Statement Preparation
12.7. SQL Parse Tree
12.7.1. Notes on Special Features of the Parse Tree
12.7.2. SQL Security and Parse Trees
12.7.3. Debugging with Parse Trees
12.8. WebDAV Logins
12.9. Associating Auxiliary Data With A Connection

Virtuoso allows the dba to set hooks for various events, such as:

These events are intercepted by calling a SQL procedure if one is defined.

In the following we will examine each hook in the context of a simplified database security system. The system will record all logins and logouts and will enforce custom security rules on reading a specific application table.