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This section discusses Virtuoso's support for DAV, email, usenet news, mime and other internet standards.

The WebDAV repository lets Virtuoso store and index content within the database. This can then be accessible directly via the HTTP protocol.

This chapter describes the MIME extensions that have been implemented in Virtuoso.

This covers examples of use of MIME for composition of MIME messages and content for mail transit of HTTP output.

Table of Contents

19.1. WebDAV Server
19.1.2. DAV User Accounts
19.1.3. WebDAV Authentication
19.1.4. WebDAV Symbolic Links
19.1.5. Access Right Permissions of Web Resources
19.1.6. DAV and RDF Metadata
19.1.7. Special Attributes of Web Resources
19.2. URIQA Semantic Web Enabler
19.2.1. URIQA HTTP Methods
19.2.2. URIQA Web Service
19.2.3. URIQA Section in Virtuoso Configuration File
19.2.4. URI Matching Rules
19.3. Mail Delivery & Storage
19.3.1. The SMTP Client
19.3.2. POP3 Server
19.3.3. Storing Email in Virtuoso
19.4. NNTP Newsgroups
19.4.1. NNTP Client
19.4.2. NNTP Server
19.5. MIME & Internet Messages
19.5.1. About Simple Internet (RFC 822) Messages
19.5.2. MIME Messages - Extension to Simple Internet Messages
19.5.3. S/MIME Support
19.6. FTP Services
19.6.1. FTP Client
19.6.2. FTP Server
19.7. VSP Guide
19.7.1. Introduction
19.7.2. Simple HTML FORM usage
19.7.3. Interacting with the Database
19.7.4. The Forums Application
19.7.5. Setting up server-side Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) with Virtuoso
19.8. LDAP
19.8.1. LDAP Client
19.8.2. LDAP Server