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Installation Guide
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Where to Start
Client Connections
Virtual Database Server
Web Server
Web Services
Exposing Persistent Stored Modules as Web Services
VSMX - Virtuoso Service Module for XML
Dynamic Web Pages
VSP Examples
Third-Party Runtime Typing, Hosting & User Defined Types
Troubleshooting Tips
Sample ODBC & JDBC Applications
Conceptual Overview
Data Access Interfaces
Virtual Database Engine
SQL Reference
Virtuoso Cluster Programming
SQL Procedure Language Guide
Database Event Hooks
Data Replication, Synchronization and Transformation Services
Web Application Development
XML Support
RDF Data Access and Data Management
Web Services
Runtime Hosting
Internet Services
Free Text Search
TPC C Benchmark Kit
Using Virtuoso with Tuxedo
Virtuoso Functions Guide


This chapter is aimed at getting Virtuoso up and running quickly with a few basic examples to demonstrate key concepts.

The Virtuoso quick start tour is designed to familiarize you with some of the components in Virtuoso. After completing the tour, you should be able to link new tables into Virtuoso, and query the tables.

Table of Contents

3.1. Where to Start
3.1.1. Default Passwords
3.1.2. Post-Installation Sanity Check
3.1.3. Administering Your Virtuoso Installation
3.2. Client Connections
3.2.1. ODBC
3.2.2. JDBC
3.2.3. OLEDB
3.3. Virtual Database Server
3.3.1. Configuring Your ODBC Data Sources
3.3.2. Datasource Check
3.3.3. Demo Datasource Query
3.3.4. Linking Remote Tables Into Virtuoso
3.3.5. Listing or Unlinking Tables
3.3.6. Querying Linked Tables
3.4. Web Server
3.4.1. Virtual Directories
3.4.2. Multi Homing
3.5. WebDAV
3.5.1. Web Folders
3.6. Web Services
3.7. Exposing Persistent Stored Modules as Web Services
3.7.1. Publishing Stored Procedures as Web Services
3.7.2. XML Query Templates
3.7.3. Publishing VSE's as Web Services
3.8. VSMX - Virtuoso Service Module for XML
3.9. SQL to XML
3.9.4. FOR XML Execution Modes
3.9.5. Tables With XML Columns
3.10. NNTP
3.10.1. NNTP Server Setup
3.10.2. Local & Remote Groups
3.10.3. NNTP Client Setup
3.11. Dynamic Web Pages
3.12. VSP Examples
3.12.1. Simple HTML FORM usage
3.12.2. Manipulating Database Data in VSP
3.12.3. Simple Tutorial
3.13. Third-Party Runtime Typing, Hosting & User Defined Types
3.14. Troubleshooting Tips
3.14.1. General Tips
3.14.2. DBMS Server will not start
3.14.3. Case Mode