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This chapter describes how to replicate data between Virtuoso and non-Virtuoso servers.

The material in this chapter covers the programmatic means of performing these operations. You can also use the graphical interface to do replication and synchronization. This is covered in the Replication & Synchronization section of the Visual Server Administration Interface chapter.

Table of Contents

13.1. Introduction
13.1.1. Snapshot replication
13.1.2. Transactional replication
13.2. Snapshot Replication
13.2.1. Non incremental snapshot replication
13.2.2. Incremental snapshot replication
13.2.3. Command reference
13.2.4. Bi-Directional Snapshot Replication
13.2.5. Registry variables
13.2.6. Heterogeneous snapshot replication
13.2.7. Data type mappings
13.2.8. Objects created by incremental snapshot replication
13.2.9. Objects created by bi-directional snapshot replication
13.2.10. Replication system tables
13.2.11. Table snapshot logs
13.3. Transactional Replication
13.3.1. Publishable Items
13.3.2. Errors in Replication
13.3.3. Publisher Transactional Replication Functions
13.3.4. Subscriber Functions
13.3.5. Common Status Functions
13.3.6. Bi-Directional Transactional Replication
13.3.7. Purging replication logs
13.3.8. Objects created by transactional replication
13.4. Virtuoso scheduler
13.5. Transactional Replication Example
13.5.1. Transactional Replication Objects Example
13.6. Replication Logger Sample
13.6.1. Configuration of the Sample
13.6.2. Synchronization
13.6.3. Running the Sample
13.6.4. Notes on the Sample's Dynamics