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This chapter applies exclusively to the various commercial releases of Virtuoso. If you are working with the open source version, please refer to the instructions on the web site where you obtained it.

The OpenLink Virtuoso Installation provides sample applications to help you get quick and easy results from you installation. This chapter explains how to use these applications.

Table of Contents

4.1. Binary & Source File Locations
4.1.1. ODBC Demonstration Applications
4.1.2. JDBC Demonstration Applications
4.2. Sample ODBC Applications
4.2.1. Mac OS X
4.2.2. Windows 95/98/NT/2000
4.2.3. Linux & UNIX
4.2.4. MS DTC ODBC Sample Application
4.2.5. MS DTC OLE DB Sample Application
4.3. Sample JDBC Applications & Applets
4.3.1. JDBCDemo Java Application
4.3.2. ScrollDemo2 Java Application
4.3.3. ScrollDemo2 Java Applet
4.3.4. JBench Application
4.3.5. JTA Demo Application

A number of sample applications are bundled with your Virtuoso installation for the following purposes:

Virtuoso's services are consumed primarily via ODBC and JDBC applications (OLE-DB applications connect to Virtuoso via ODBC Data Providers for OLE-DB), thus separate ODBC & JDBC sample applications (including source code) have been packaged and integrated into the Virtuoso installer. The current list of sample applications include: