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The Virtuoso TPC C Kit is a database benchmark written in C and SQL stored procedures using the CLI or ODBC API. It is modeled after the industry standard Transaction Processing Performance Council (TPC) C benchmark and can be used as a component in an official benchmark but does not in itself constitute a complete test driver.

See Also:

A complete description of the benchmark and its metric can be found at the TPC Web Site. This document assumes the reader is familiar with the general content of the benchmark.

The C and SQL source of the benchmark is contained in the sample directory of the Virtuoso tree. The tpcc executable is built by running make after choosing the target (see makefile).

Table of Contents

21.1. Building the Test Database
21.2. Using the Test Program
21.3. Tuning Parameters and Number of Users
21.4. Omissions, Exceptions from the Definition
21.5. Sample Configuration
21.6. Other Factors
21.7. TPC C Procedures
21.7.1. Introduction
21.7.2. New Order
21.7.3. Payment
21.7.4. Delivery
21.7.5. Order Status
21.7.6. Stock Level
21.8. DDL Statements
21.9. Stored Procedures