In some situations Virtuoso services like WebDAV, JSP, PHP etc. may need to be accessed via an Apache Web Server. All this can be done through apache's mod_proxy to Virtuoso HTTP server and the Virtuoso HTTP server can be configured to take requests coming only from localhost.

The following configuration makes : The Virtuoso server to listen for HTTP requests coming ONLY from localhost. Apache proxies the outside requests to Virtuoso HTTP server.

        line added to the /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf
        (999.999.999.999, must be changed with actual IP address of external interface):
        Listen 8080
        <VirtualHost 999.999.999.999:8080>
               ServerAdmin webmaster@host.example.domain
               ProxyPass  /
        Then changes in the virtuoso.ini

        [HTTPServer] section)
        ServerPort =