3.1.3.Administering Your Virtuoso Installation

Virtuoso has been designed for Web based Administration. With your Virtuoso server running you will be able to point a Web browser at the servers listening address and port. The installation will include the default server and optionally the demo database server. The default server listens on port 8890 whilst the demo server listens on port 8889. If you are using the machine where Virtuoso was installed then the server address can be localhost or the hostname otherwise you will need to know the hostname or IP address of the machine where Virtuoso was installed. The URL that you will want to point your browser may be:


Note that that trailing / is important and may be required for older browsers

Figure3.6.Visual Server Administration Interface

Visual Server Administration Interface

The "Conductor" link will take you to the Visual Server Administration Interface. Information about Visual Server Administration Interface can be found in the Server Administration chapter , which describes all the Interfaces available for configuring your server.