2.10.1. Pre-requisites

  1. The example assumes that you have a local Virtuoso server with the Northwind demo database installed. If the demo database is not already installed then download the demo database VAD package (demo_dav.vad) and install it. The VAD package will create a new database in Virtuoso called demo containing the familiar Northwind tables. It will also creates Linked Data Views of the Northwind tables. In the example we assume the database is accessible on a hostname of "demo.openlinksw.com" on the default port 80, where an actually live instance of the Virtuoso Demo database is hosted. Users would use the appropriate hostname and port number of their Virtuoso installation to create the sample application, and would be would be example.com for a default installation or whatever the URIQA DefaultHost Virtuoso configuration parameter is set to when the demo database VAD package is installed.

  2. The Virtuoso ADO.Net provider for .Net 3.5 and the Entity Framework.

  3. Microsoft Visual Studio 2008

  4. The Virtuoso Cartridges VAD package .