3.10.1.NNTP Server Setup

Enable Server

Before the NNTP server can be used, it has to be enabled to listen on the NNTP port. This change is made in the configuration file.

For more details, refer to Enable NNTP Server section.

Create/Attach News Groups

The definition of news groups is held in system tables.

For more details on inserting news groups by SQL command, refer to Add Groups to NNTP Server section. See also the Conductor News Server and Newsgroups Administration section, to setup the groups in the Visual Server Administration Interface.

Limit Groups

This is an optional step, appropriate if a news group is to be limited for internal use only, or by a group of IP addresses. This is achieved by creating an Access Control List (ACL) in the DB.DBA.NEWS_ACL table. If no ACL is defined, then all groups are public readable and writable.

For table details, refer to NNTP Server Tables section.