17.1.9.Creation of SOAP proxy based on User Defined Types

It is possible to automatically generate PL procedures or UDT classes for invoking a remote SOAP service.

[Tip] See Also

The WSDL_IMPORT_UDT() function for details and examples.

The proxy-creation function WSDL_IMPORT_UDT() performs the following purposes:

retrieve and expand the WSDL file published by the end point to be called
compile the result and make SQL script with UDT definition
generate and register XML Schema definition for special types used in the source service
optionally execute the SQL script generated

Once such UDT SOAP proxy is defined it can be used within application code or be re-exposed as a SOAP service on local server instance (see next chapter how to expose UDT as service).

[Tip] See Also

The Virtuoso Administration Interface provides a web based interface for importing WSDL definitions and creating UDTs and procedures. This can be found in the Virtuoso Server Administration Interface Chapter.