7.4.1.Virtuoso Drivers for JDBC Packaging

These drivers are installed alongside the Virtuoso Server or as part of a Virtuoso Client components only installation. They are packaged as follows:

Table7.14.Features Comparison

Driver Name Java Package "jar" File Archive Default Location Java Version
virtuoso.jdbc.Driver virtuoso.jdbc virtjdbc.jar <virtuoso installation directory>\jdk11 Java 1.1.x
virtuoso.jdbc2.Driver virtuoso.jdbc2 virtjdbc2.jar <virtuoso installation directory>\jdk12 Java 1.2/1.3
virtuoso.jdbc3.Driver used for Java 1.4 and Java 1.5 virtuoso.jdbc3 virtjdbc3.jar <virtuoso installation directory>\jdk13 Java 1.4
virtuoso.jdbc4.Driver used for Java 1.6 virtuoso.jdbc4 virtjdbc4.jar <virtuoso installation directory>\jdk14 Java 1.6