22.1.Building the Transaction Manager Server

First of all, the administrator needs to build Virtuoso Transaction Manager Server application in order to use Virtuoso server as Resource Manager of global transactions operated by Tuxedo.

Then, the following line needs to be put in the $TUXDIR/udataobj/RM file:

                        Virtuoso:virt_xa_switch: libvirtxa.a -L${HOME}/lib  -lwic -ldk1t -lthrp -lutil2 -L${SSLDIR}/lib -lssl -lcrypto

The libvirtxa.a library could be found in tuxedo/lib directory.

This allows to build TP monitor with Virtuoso support (VirtTMS) and services which could use Virtuoso as resource manager. libvirtxa.a and other libraries must be accessible by the compiler. The following command builds the VirtTMS:

                        buildtms -o ${TUXDIR}/bin/VirtTMS -r Virtuoso