Virtuoso Authentication Layer
Package VAL.VAL


acl.rule. delete (varchar uri)
 Delete an existing rule. More...
acl.rule. get (varchar uri, varchar format=null)
acl.rule. list (varchar format=null)
 List all existing rules in the current realm. More...
acl.permissions. list (varchar uri=null, varchar scope=null, varchar mode=null)
 List permissions of the authenticated user for a given resource or scope. More...
 login (varchar service)
 Logs in a UI-less client, returning a session ID through a cookie sid. More...
 logout ()
 Logs out a UI-less client which logged in through VAL.VAL.login. More...
acl.restriction. max (varchar uri, varchar parameter=null)
acl.restriction. min (varchar uri, varchar parameter=null)
acl.rule. new (varchar ruleData=null, varchar format=null)
 Create a new ACL rule. More...
 profile ()
 Fetch profile information for the authenticated person. More...
acl.restriction. update (varchar uri, varchar restrictionData=null, varchar format=null)
acl.rule. update (varchar uri, varchar ruleData=null, varchar format=null, int overwrite=1)
 Change an ACL rule's properties. More...
 val_headless_login_api_success_msg (varchar httpCode, varchar message)
acl.restriction. values (varchar uri, varchar parameter=null)

Function Documentation

◆ max()

acl.restriction. VAL.VAL.max ( varchar  uri,
varchar  parameter = null 

◆ min()

acl.restriction. VAL.VAL.min ( varchar  uri,
varchar  parameter = null 

◆ profile()

VAL.VAL.profile ( )

Fetch profile information for the authenticated person.

◆ update()

acl.restriction. VAL.VAL.update ( varchar  uri,
varchar  restrictionData = null,
varchar  format = null 

◆ val_headless_login_api_success_msg()

VAL.VAL.val_headless_login_api_success_msg ( varchar  httpCode,
varchar  message 

◆ values()

acl.restriction. VAL.VAL.values ( varchar  uri,
varchar  parameter = null