The BPEL engine has global configuration parameters settable via the configuration settings page of its web user interface. These are global and are kept in the BPEL..configuration table as name/value pairs.

  • EngineMailAddress - e-mail address to whom will be sent error alerts and reports.

  • ErrorAlertSkeleton - e-mail template for error alerts

  • ErrorReportSkeleton - e-mail template for error reports

  • AlertSubject - Subject for error alert e-mail

  • CommonEmailHeader - Header for all BPEL e-mail notifications

  • ErrorSubject - Subject for error report e-mail

  • InstanceExpiryDelay - how long (hours a completed instance will be kept in the database before purging.

  • MailServer - if specified this will be used to send the error alerts and reports. If this is not specified the default (from INI file) mail server will be used.

  • Statistics - process statistics flag, if 0 (default) the statistics collection is disabled. When this is 1 the engine will start collecting statistics for new process instances .