serialize_to_UTF8_xml — Converts argument to its UTF-8 string representation.


serialize_to_UTF8_xml ( in value any );


The function converts its argument to a narrow string in UTF-8 encoding. The way conversion is done depends on the type of the argument.

If value is a wide (national) string or a LONG NVARCHAR then it is directly converted to UTF-8 string.

If value is a string or a LONG VARCHAR then it is converted from current charset of client connection to the UTF-8.

If value is an XML entity then it is converted to its XML text representation in UTF-8 encoding. The resulting string is a well-formed XML document if the given entity is an element entity, otherwise it may be well-formed generic entity, i.e. it can be parsed by an XML parser only as a part of some other XML document.

If value is NULL, the NULL is returned.

Values of other types are first converted to VARCHAR, this intermediate VARCHAR is converted from current charset of client connection to the UTF-8 and is returned.



The value of arbitrary type to be converted into its UTF-8 string representation.

Return Types

UTF-8 string or NULL.


Example24.369.UTF-8 encoding of non-ASCII characters

A sample document is parsed and the resulting entity is serialized to UTF-8 string.

select serialize_to_UTF8_xml(xtree_doc('<text>0-9 a-z A-Z &#128;-&#255; &#256;-&#511; &#1024;-&#8191;</text>'));

<text>0-9 a-z A-Z €-ÿ  -   - </text>

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