any soap_box_structure ( in elem1 varchar ,
  in value1 any ,
  in ... ,
  in elem1 varchar ,
  in value1 any );


This function provides a way to encapsulate a structure suitable for soap serialization. It accepts a name/value pairs which represents name and value of elements of a structure.

For example structure :

            varString 'hello',
              varInt  1234 

will be represented as soap_box_structure ('varString', 'hello', 'varInt', 1234); furthermore value returned from soap_box_structure passed as an output parameter to the procedure (named structname) working as SOAP method will return :


Please note that this is a one of possibilities to express structures for SOAP request/response in Virtuoso/PL. The other way to express structure is to use User Defined Types (see SOAP & WSDL section of the documentation).



name which represents name of the member of a structure


value which represents value of the member of a structure

Return Types

The return type of soap_box_structure() is an array representing a structure.