sprintf_iri_or_null — returns a formatted IRI string or null if any of the arguments except the first is null.


sprintf_iri_or_null ( format string ,
  arg_1 any ,
  ... ,
  arg_x any );


sprintf_iri_or_null is similar to sprintf_iri and returns a new string formed by "printing" a variable number of arguments arg_1 - arg_x according to the format string format. The difference is that the function can return null if any of the arguments except the first one is null.

The returned string is marked as being IRI string so some applications and clients may distinguish between RDF reference string and RDF literal.

[Note] Note

No matter what is the default server charset or default encoding of host OS, IRI strings are supposed to be in UTF-8 encoding so string arguments to print as well as the format itself are supposed to be UTF-8. Application may use calls of charset_recode as arguments.


Example 24.391. Simple Use

create function job_history(
  in EMPLOYEE_ID integer,
  in START_DATE date) returns varchar
return sprintf_iri_or_null
EMPLOYEE_ID, cast (START_DATE as varchar) );