XMLType.setSchemaValidated — Changes the internal "is validated" flag of the given XMLType instance.


XMLType.setSchemaValidated ( in flag integer default 1 );


Every XMLType instance has a special internal "is validated" flag; The first successful call of the member function XMLType.schemaValidate() will set this flag to 1 indicating that next such calls are redundant and should do nothing. If a given XMLType instance is made by a procedure that guarantees the match of the result to an expected schema then one can set this flag without running actual validation. It is also possible to reset this flag to 0 in order to force the next call of XMLType.schemaValidate() to perform a validation.



An integer that becomes a new value of the flag.

Return Types

The function returns a new value of the flag.


Example24.560.Default use

This call prevents the value of myXMLinstance from being validated in the future.