uddi_discard_authToken — Inform a UDDI server that the authentication token can be discarded.


  xmlns="urn:uddi-org:api" >


The uddi_discard_authToken message is used to tell a UDDI-enabled server that the authentication token can be discarded. Subsequent calls that use the same authToken may be rejected. This message is optional for UDDI-enabled servers that do not manage session state or that do not support the get_authToken message.

Attributes & Children


This required argument is an element that contains an authentication token. Authentication tokens are obtained using the get_authToken message.

Return Types

Upon successful completion, the server returns a dispositionReport is returned with a single success indicator. Discarding an expired authToken will be reported as a success condition.


If an error occurs in processing this message, a dispositionReport structure will be returned to the caller in a SOAP Fault. The following error information will be relevant:

Table24.90.Errors signalled by get_authToken

Error Code Description
E_authTokenRequired signifies that the authentication token value passed in the authInfo argument is either missing or is not valid.