uddi_find_tModel — locate list of tModel entries matching supplied criteria


  [ maxRows ="nn" ]
  xmlns="urn:uddi-org:api" >
        <name/> | <identifierBag/> | <categoryBag/>


This uddi_find_tModel message is for locating a list of tModel entries that match a set of specific criteria. The response will be a list of abbreviated information about tModels that match the criteria (tModelList).

Attributes & Children

The arguments to this call are mutually exclusive except findQualifiers


This optional integer value allows the requesting program to limit the number of results returned.


This collection of findQualifier elements can be used to alter the default behavior of search functionality.


This string value represents a partial name. The returned tModelList contains tModelInfo structures for businesses whose name matches the value passed (leftmost match).


This is a list of business identifier references. The returned tModelList contains tModelInfo structures matching any of the identifiers passed (logical OR).


This is a list of category references. The returned tModelList contains tModelInfo structures matching all of the categories passed (logical AND).

Return Types

This function returns a tModelList on success. In the event that no matches were located for the specified criteria, an empty tModelList structure will be returned (e.g. will contain zero tModelInfo structures). This signifies zero matches.

In the event of a large number of matches, a UDDI-enabled server may truncate the result set. If this occurs, the tModelList will contain the truncated attribute with the value of this attribute set to true.


If an error occurs in processing this message, a dispositionReport structure will be returned to the caller in a SOAP Fault. The following error information will be relevant:

Table24.94.Errors signalled by uddi_find_tModel

Error Code Description
E_nameTooLong signifies that the partial name value passed exceeds the maximum name length designated by the UDDI-enabled server.
E_tooManyOptions signifies that more than one mutually exclusive argument was passed.
E_unsupported signifies that one of the findQualifier values passed was invalid.