uddi_get_bindingDetail — Request run-time bindingTemplate location information.


  xmlns="urn:uddi-org:api" >
        [ <bindingKey/> ...]


The uddi_get_bindingDetail message requests the run-time bindingTemplate information for the purpose of invoking a registered business API.

Attributes & Children


One or more uuid _key values that represent specific instances of known bindingTemplate data.


In general, it is recommended that bindingTemplate information be cached locally by applications so that repeated calls to a service described by a bindingTemplate can be made without having to make repeated round trips to a registry. In the event that a call made with cached data fails, the uddi _get_bindingDetail message can be used to get fresh bindingTemplate data. This is useful in cases such as when a service you are using relocates to another server or is restored at a disaster recovery site.

Return Types

This function returns a bindingDetail message on successful match of one or more bindingKey values. If multiple bindingKey values were passed, the results will be returned in the same order as the keys passed.

In the event of a large number of matches, a server may truncate the result set. If this occurs, the bindingDetail result will contain the truncated attribute with the value of this attribute set to true.


If an error occurs in processing this message, a dispositionReport structure will be returned to the caller in a SOAP Fault. The following error information will be relevant:

Table24.96.Errors signalled by uddi_get_bindingDetail

Error Code Description
E_invalidKeyPassed signifies that one of the uuid_key values passed did not match with any known bindingKey key values. No partial results will be returned; if any bindingKey values passed are not valid bindingKey values, this error will be returned.