uddi_get_businessDetailExt — Returns extended businessEntity information for one or more specified businessEntities .


  xmlns="urn:uddi-org:api" >
        [ <businessKey/> ...]


The uddi_get_businessDetailExt message returns extended businessEntity information for one or more specified businessEntities . This message returns exactly the same information as the get_businessDetail message, but may contain additional attributes if the source is an external registry that is compatible with this API specification, rather than a UDDI-enabled server.

Attributes & Children


One or more uuid_key values that represent specific instances of known businessEntity data.

Return Types

This message returns a businessDetailExt message on successful match of one or more businessKey values. If multiple businessKey values were passed, the results will be returned in the same order as the keys passed.

In the event of a large number of matches, a server may truncate the result set. If this occurs, the businessDetailExt response message will contain the truncated attribute with the value of this attribute set to true.


If an error occurs in processing this message, a dispositionReport structure will be returned to the caller in a SOAP Fault. The following error information will be relevant:

Table24.98.Errors signalled by uddi_get_businessDetailExt

Error Code Description
E_invalidKeyPassed signifies that one of the uuid_key values passed did not match with any known businessKey values. No partial results will be returned; if any businessKey values passed are not valid, this error will be returned.
E_unsupported signifies that the implementation queried does not support the extended detail function. If this occurs, businessDetail information should be queried via the get_businessDetail message. UDDI-enabled servers will not return this code, but will instead return a businessDetailExt result with full businessDetail information embedded.