The logger directory contains various scripts for starting and stopping servers etc. - Creates the databases with tables and procedures loaded in the l1, l2, l3 and l4 subdirectories. - starts the 4 servers and leaves them running in the background. - Shuts down the 4 test servers. <hist-per-hour> <no-of-hits>

Starts the hits program on each of the 4 servers. The first command line argument gives the test transaction rate for each client and the next gives the duration as a transaction count.

hits <dsn> <uid> <pwd> <hits-per-hour> <no-of-hits>

The hits executable repeatedly calls wl_hit with random arguments and collects statistics on call times. If calls complete at a rate faster than the requested rate this periodically sleeps to keep the rate close to the requested rate. It prints statistics every 1000 hits.