From Conductor the "Linked Data" tab allows you to execute/save/load SPARQL queries, to add/edit RDF Mapping, to perform statistics and manage graphs, to import schemas and define namespaces, to generated Linked Data Views and to upload to the Quad Store.

"SPARQL -> Query" offers form form SPARQL query execution:

Figure 6.155. RDF


Also you can save the results in a query or load such:

Figure 6.156. RDF


"SPARQL -> Saved Queries" offers list of saved queries, which can be opened in the "Query" tab in order to be executed:

Figure 6.157. RDF


Shows list of available extractor cartridges. They can be re-ordered by place of appearance, edit or deleted:

Figure 6.158. RDF


You can also add a new extractor cartridge:

Figure 6.159. RDF


Shows list of available meta cartridges. They can be re-ordered by place of appearance, edit or deleted:

Figure 6.160. RDF


You can also add a new meta cartridge:

Figure 6.161. RDF


Shows list of available stylesheets for processing cartridges. From here you can manage these stylesheets by adding new, editing existing ones or deleting them:

Figure 6.162. RDF


Offers tracking cartridges exection. By default is off. When enabled, shows list of sessions per cartridge:

Figure 6.163. RDF


Offers creation of secure endpoints for pre-defiend vitual host:

Figure 6.164. RDF


Offers interface for DB.DBA.RDF_VOID_STORE(graph, to_graph) . In the new graph ( field "Publish to") will be saved the VoID statistics data when generated:

Figure 6.165. RDF


Figure 6.166. RDF


"Graphs" tab shows list of current graphs in the RDF Quad Store. From here day can be renamed or deleted:

Figure 6.167. RDF


Shows list of available schemas IRI-s and offers a new schema IRI to be imported:

Figure 6.168. RDF


Shows list of namespace prefixes and offers a new namespace prefix to be imported:

Figure 6.169. RDF


Manage Sponger rules by adding new ones, deleting, re-ordering, etc.

This tab is available only when the cartridges_dav.vad is installed.

Figure 6.170. RDF


Here you can manage different WebID Protocol ACLs WebID ACL by granting SPARQL Roles such as "SELECT", "UPDATE", "SPONGE":

This tab is available only when the policy__manager_dav.vad is installed.

Figure 6.171. RDF


Virtuoso uses a SPARQL-based Meta Schema Language to provide RDBMS-to-RDF mapping functionality (also described as, Linked Data Views of SQL data). The language is an extension of the SPARQL query language meshed with Virtuoso's SPASQL (SPARQL-inside-SQL) functionality. The language enables you to declaratively map relational database schema tables, columns, rows, and foreign key relationships to Classes, Attributes, Relationships, and Instances (Objects/Entities/Individuals) defined by RDF Schemas or OWL Ontologies. The mapping process uses a special built-in Virtuoso function to generate IRIs / URIs in "Subject" or "Object" position of a SPARQL graph pattern, en route to building a set of SQL compiler rules and optimizations for translating SPARQL queries into SQL on the fly.

Figure 6.172. RDF


Offers upload to Quad Store from file or Resource URL:

Figure 6.173. RDF


This tab is available only when the pubsubhub_dav.vad is installed.

Offers Virtuoso's implementation of the PubSubHubBub Protocol to handle Linked Data by subscribing to Linked Data resource URIs.

Figure 6.174. Subscriptions (PHSB)

Subscriptions (PHSB)

Note: the Hub endpoint should be defined ACL in System Admin -> Security -> Access Control -> PSH-SLL