11.7.OpenLink Server Components Configuration

The OpenLink JDBC agent and OpenLink Database agents form the OpenLink server components, In the prior section you would have installed these components on the appropriate server machine.

Following installation you have to configure these server components in order to enable connectivity between your backend database(s) and your OpenLink Driver for JDBC. Both of these components are exposed to your OpenLink Driver for JDBC via the OpenLink Request Broker.

This new OpenLink release enables the direct connection to an OpenLink Database agent from your OpenLink Java client classes, as JDBC support in now built in to the database agents. Thus you no longer have to connect via the OpenLink JDBC Agent proxy, as in the past, although connection via this method is still supported. Obviously connecting directly to the Database agent will provide better performance, and is now the recomended connection method whenever possible.

Database Agents

OpenLink Database Agents are the OpenLink data access server components that actually provide database connectivity services to your OpenLink Driver for JDBC. A Database Agent exists for each database engine supported by OpenLink, the supported database list currently includes: Oracle, DB2, Informix, Sybase, Ingres, Progress, Microsoft SQL Server, OpenLink Virtuoso, Solid, PostgresSQL, and other ODBC based databases.

Please follow the instructions provided in the OpenLink Database Agents configuration guide prior to attempting to use your OpenLink Drivers for JDBC (if you haven't already done so as part of the installation process).