Chapter11.JDBC Components


Guide for successfully installing and running the OpenLink JDBC Client Classes.

The OpenLink Drivers for JDBC enable the development, deployment, and utilization of database independent Java Applications, Applets, Servlets, and Bean Components (collectively called JDBC Clients) that conform to the JDBC 1.1.x, or JDBC 2.0.x specifications from JavaSoft.

JDBC clients are built by importing the "java.sql.*" collection of classes known as the JDBC Driver Manager interface. The JDBC Driver Manager uses JDBC URLs to link JDBC clients with JDBC Drivers. It is important to note that JDBC URLs are JDBC Driver specific. Detailed information regarding JDBC is available from:

Table of Contents

11.1. OpenLink JDBC Drivers
11.1.1. New JDBC Driver Packages
11.1.2. New Features & Enhancements
11.2. Downloading Driver Software
11.2.1. OpenLink Web Download Wizard Interaction for obtaining OpenLink Drivers for JDBC Bundle
11.2.2. Download Wizard Interaction for obtaining OpenLink Megathin Drivers for JDBC
11.3. OpenLink Drivers for JDBC Installation & Configuration
11.3.1. Windows 95/98/NT/2000 Based Local Client-Server Environment
11.3.2. Windows 95/98/NT/2000 Based Client-Server (2-Tier Configuration) Environment
11.3.3. Windows 95/98/NT/2000 Based Application-Server (3-Tier Configuration) Environment
11.4. Java Based Local Client-Server
11.4.1. Client Components Installation Process
11.4.2. Server Components Installation
11.4.3. Linux or UNIX Server Components Installation
11.5. Java Based Client-Server (2-Tier) Installation
11.5.1. Windows 95/98/NT/2000 Client Components Installation Process
11.5.2. Linux or UNIX Client Components Installation
11.5.3. Server Components Installation
11.5.4. Linux or UNIX Server Components Installation
11.6. Java Based Application-Server (3-Tier) Installation
11.6.1. Windows 95/98/NT/2000 Client Components Installation Process.
11.6.2. Linux or UNIX Application Server Components Installation
11.6.3. Database Server Components Installation
11.6.4. Mixed Environment Installations
11.7. OpenLink Server Components Configuration
11.8. OpenLink Drivers for JDBC Utilization
11.8.1. OpenLink Driver for JDBC Type 1
11.8.2. OpenLink Driver for JDBC Type 3
11.8.3. Examples
11.9. OpenLink Demonstration Programs
11.9.1. JDBC Compliant Applet Demos
11.9.2. JDBCDemo
11.9.3. ScrollDemo
11.9.4. ScrollDemo2
11.9.5. RowSetDemo
11.9.6. JDBC compliant Application Demos
11.10. Important Multi-User JDBC Solution Development & Utilization Issues
11.10.1. Sensitivity To Changes In Underlying Database
11.10.2. Concurrency Control
11.11. JDBC 3 Driver Classes
11.11.1. Class BaseRowSet
11.11.2. Class OPLCachedRowSet
11.11.3. Class OPLConnectionPoolDataSource
11.11.4. Class OPLDataSource
11.11.5. Class OPLDataSourceFactory
11.11.6. Class OPLJdbcRowSet
11.11.7. Class OPLPooledConnection
11.11.8. Class OPLPoolStatistic
11.11.9. Class OPLRowSetMetaData
11.12. New Features