Chapter10.OpenLink ODBC Driver (Single-Tier Edition) Unicode Support


Our drivers support the latest releases of all supported database engines. This includes:

  1. Oracle 8i & 9i

  2. Microsoft SQL Server 2000

  3. DB/2 v7

  4. Informix 9

  5. Sybase Adaptive Server 12.5

  6. Progress 9 (SQL-92)

Note that for those Drivers above for which Unicode Support is provided a unicode and non-unicode enabled Driver is provided with ODBC driver names of the form:

OpenLink Lite for Database (32 Bit) (Unicode)          ; Unicode enabled driver
OpenLink Lite for Database (32 Bit)                    ; Non-unicode enabled driver

Where 'Database' is the name of the Database from the list of unicode enabled drivers above. The Uniocde enabled driver should be used when connecting to a unicode created database, otherwise we recommend you use the non-uniocde driver for connecting to a non-unicode created databases.