Chapter5.OpenLink OLE-DB Provider


The OpenLink ODBC Provider for OLEDB is delivered as an OLEDB - ODBC bridge. It utilizes ODBC data sources to connect to databases, much like the Microsoft ODBC Provider; so you will require a working ODBC installation first.

The OpenLink Provider also requires that the Microsoft Data Access Components have been installed. To gain any functionality with .Net you will require MDAC 2.7 RTM (2.70.7713.4) or later. This particular version of the MDAC is included with Visual Studio .Net and with the .Net Framework SDK. Alternatively it can be downloaded from Releases prior to 2.70.7713.4, specifically MDAC 2.7 included in the .Net SDK Beta 2, will not allow non-Microsoft OLE DB providers to work with the .Net Data Provider for OLE DB.

Although not completely necessary if you are using a newer OpenLink installer, before installing this provider, any previous release of the driver should be deinstalled fully. If a full deinstall using Install Shield is not performed, the old driver should be unregistered using the regsvr32 utility as follows:

regsvr32 /u oploleod.dll