3.7.Multi-Tier-specific Connection-Pooling

3.7.1.Multi-Tier-specific configuration

The required parameters are configured through environment-variables - either use the web-based Administrative Assistant (normally located at <http://server:8000/>) navigating through `Server Components Administration', `Database Agent Administration', `Database Agent Settings by Form', select the name of the agent section used, and scroll to the section `OpenLink Agent Startup Parameters', or edit the rulebook file (oplrqb.ini) directly, to assert settings for the OCI_CONNPOOL_* settings below:

[Environment ORACLE90]
ORACLE_HOME        = /dbs/oracle90
;TWO_TASK           = P:
;ODBC_CATALOGS      = Y         ; Uncomment after loading odbccat9.sql
;MULTIPLEX_LDA      = 5         ; Allow 5 OpenLink clients on a single lda
;OPL_USR_TBLS_FIRST = Y         ; Sort SQLTables starting with user tables
SHOW_REMARKS       = N  ; Retrieve SQLColumns REMARKS field
CURSOR_SENSITIVITY = LOW        ; Set to HIGH after loading odbccat9.sql
;OCI_PREFETCH_ROWS  = 100       ; Number of rows to prefetch
;OCI_PREFETCH_MEMORY = 65535    ; Amount of memory to use for prefetching
;LD_LIBRARY_PATH = /dbs/oracle81/lib    ; Find shared libraries
;SHLIB_PATH      = /dbs/oracle81/lib    ; Find HP/UX shared libraries
;LIBPATH         = /dbs/oracle81/lib    ; Find AIX shared libraries
;NLS_LANG        = AMERICAN_AMERICA.UTF8 ; Uncomment for Unicode connections
OCI_CONNPOOL_MIN = 0         ; minimum initial connections in pool
OCI_CONNPOOL_INCR = 1        ; number of new connections when others busy
OCI_CONNPOOL_MAX = 1         ; sum of MIN+INCR
OCI_CONPOOL_WAIT = TRUE      ; whether new query waits or errors when all busy
OCI_CONNPOOL_LINGER = 0      ; seconds to linger after last connection cleared

OCI connection pooling is disabled by setting a minimum connection pool size of 0.