6.2.Product Licensing

6.2.1.Initial License

When you obtain a Data Access Driver from the OpenLink Web Site, a license file will automatically be emailed to you. Please ensure the email address you have provided is correct. If you obtained the Data Access Driver from a CD, you may need to apply for an evaluation license through our Web site, or by contacting one of our offices. The standard license will provide 30 days to evaluate the product.

6.2.2.How to apply the License

You will be prompted for the location of your license file during the initial installation. If you have not yet received a license file, you may still install the product, and manually apply the license file when you do receive it.

To use the license file, simply place it in one of the following locations:

  • Place the license file in the default location for your Operating System.

    • For Linux and Unix - $OPENLINK/bin.

    • For Windows -by default, C:\Program Files\OpenLink\bin. If you chose a different installation target directory, the bin directory beneath your choice.

    • For Mac OS X - //Library/Application Support/openlink/bin.

    • For Mac OS 9 or earlier - the Preferences folder, within the System Folder.

  • Alternatively, you may define the environment variable OPL_LICENSE_DIR to specify the directory in which all OpenLink license files can be found. (Does not apply to Mac OS 9 or earlier.)

  • Finally, license files may reside in any directory included in the PATH environment variable of the host machine. (Does not apply to Mac OS 9 or earlier.)

License errors are generally found in the Request Broker log file, oplrqb.log.

If your product fails to register properly, then your license may be corrupt or invalid. Please check the license details against the name and version of the Driver installed, and contact OpenLink Software Technical Support for assistance.

[Note] Note:

only the first license file found for a particular product is examined, and an expired license may prevent use of an unexpired license