6.9.Configuring a Firewall for use with UDA Multi-Tier

A multi-tier installation requires the following firewall considerations:

On the server on which the Request Broker runs, you must allow your clients to connect to port 5000/tcp (or the value of the "Listen" directive in oplrqb.ini).

On the server, you must allow clients to connect to ports 5001/tcp et seq (the values between the "PortLow" and "PortHigh" directives in oplrqb.ini).

On the client, you must be able to make new outgoing connections to the server to contact the request broker (the same 5000/tcp or the value of the "Listen" directive), and to agents listening on successively higher-numbered ports (in the range between "PortLow" and "PortHigh").

If the agent makes a network connection to the database server, the respective port should also be opened on the database server (e.g. 5432/tcp for postgres, 1433 and 1434 udp and tcp for SQL Server, etc).

If you have a stateful firewall, the return packets from request-broker and database agents to the clients should be taken care of automatically. If not, you will have to cater for your OS' selection of ephemeral client-side ports as well.