17.15.15.BPEL4WS VAD Package installation

Using Conductor

  • Step 1. Download BPEL4WS VAD and copy it to a local directory.

  • Step 2. Go to Conductor UI: http://host:port/conductor/

  • Step 3. Login into the Virtuoso Conductor using the admin account.

  • Step 4. Select Systems Admin->Packages Tab.

  • Step 5. Under the Install Packaged, section of the UI is a list of VAD packages. If this is the first time you have installed a VAD package you will only see the Virtuoso Conductor. Directly under this list is the option Install a Package. You can either enter or browse to the location of the directory of the BPEL4WS package or enter a DAV location.

  • Step 6. Once you have provided the location, select Proceed to upload the package.

Using ISQL


        00000    GUI is accessible via http://host:port/BPELGUI
        00000    Quick Start is available from http://host:port/BPELGUI/start.vsp
        00000    No errors detected, installation complete.
        00000    Now making a final checkpoint.
        00000    Final checkpoint is made.
        00000    SUCCESS

        7 Rows. -- 5438 msec.