10.5.Partition Functions

Given a key and a set of values, the partition function can determine which cluster nodes hold the value.

partition_list ( in table_name varchar,
                 in key_name varchar,
                 in list any,
                 in is_update int)

The table name is a case sensitive full name of a table as it appears in SYS_KEYS. The key_name is the case sensitive name of the index. The values are key part values in the index order. The is_update, if non-zero, specifies that if the value is stored in multiple places, all are to be returned, otherwise just one is picked at random, preferring the local if there is a local copy of the partition.

The value is a list of node numbers, corresponding to the Host<n> entries in the cluster.ini file.


select partition_list ('DB.DBA.CT', 'CT', vector (2), 1);