2.14.3.Backup and Restore


There are 2 ways to backup Virtuoso Cluster DB:

  1. Backup every node using back_online For example, for every cluster in its backup folder execute:

    SQL> backup_online('dbp',10000000,0,vector('backup'));
    Done. -- 272 msec.
  2. Make backup of all nodes at once using cl_exec() . For example, execute:

    SQL> cl_exec ('backup_online (''dbp'', 10000000, 0,  vector (''backup''))');
    Done. -- 573 msec.

Restore from Backup

After backup is done for every node in its backup folder, in order to restore, execute from the ..\bin folder the virtuoso-restore.sh:

# . ./virtuoso-restore.sh all dbp

where the second parameter is the restore prefix.