20.4.2.Created Database Objects

Text trigger hits table. Text trigger stores hits on documents matching a condition within this table.

<table_name>_<data_column>_HIT (
  TTH_U_ID INTEGER,   -- references User table TTU_U_ID
  TTH_D_ID ANY,       -- references matching document id
  TTH_T_ID INTEGER,   -- references matching query TT_ID
  TTH_TITLE VARCHAR,  -- user application specific
  TTH_URL VARCHAR,    -- user application specific
  TTH_TS TIMESTAMP,   -- time of registering a hit
  TTH_NOTIFY VARCHAR, -- e-mail address for notification

Text trigger queries table, where the query definition procedure stores the user specific queries.

<table_name>_<data_column>_QUERY (
  TT_WORD VARCHAR,  -- the most effective word for searching
  TT_ID INTEGER,    -- id of query
  TT_QUERY VARCHAR, -- text of the query, in case of XPATH query this
                                -- column contains a serialized value
  TT_CD VARCHAR,    -- user data
  TT_COMMENT VARCHAR, -- Human readable label with general purpose
  TT_XPATH VARCHAR,   -- text of XPATH query
  TT_PREDICATE VARCHAR, -- Virtuoso/PL function hook

One query can add one or more rows to the queries table.

Text trigger users table, in it query definition procedure add a reference between query and user.

<table_name>_<data_column>_USER (
  TTU_T_ID INTEGER, -- references text query TT_ID
  TTU_U_ID INTEGER, -- references application specific users table ID
  TTU_NOTIFY VARCHAR, -- e-mail address list for notification
  TTU_COMMENT VARCHAR, -- Human readable label of query definition.
[Note] Note:

In the case of e-mail notification to the main addresses the string passed as address list must be in the following format: '<u1@foo.com>, <u2@foo.bar>'.

Procedures that are used for adding text queries.

TT_QUERY_<table_name> (in query_text varchar, in user_id integer,
  in label varchar, in notification_address varchar)

Used for adding XPATH queries.

TT_XPATH_QUERY_<table_name> (in xpath_query_text varchar , in user_id integer,
in label varchar, in notification_address varchar)

Used to send notifications to the users. This procedure is usually called by the server event scheduler.

TT_NOTIFY_<table_name> ();