charset_recode — Translate a string to another character set


any charset_recode ( in src_string varchar/nvarchar ,
in src_charset varchar ,
in dst_charset varchar );


This function translates a string from a given source charset to a destination charset. It provides a generic way of recoding string entities.

The src_charset may be a narrow or a wide string . If it's a narrow string ( VARCHAR ) then the src_charset is taken into account and defines the current encoding of the src_string . In any other case src_charset is ignored.

src_charset and dst_charset are names of system-defined 8 bit charset tables. Use charsets_list to obtain a list of currently defined character sets and aliases. If either of these is null, then the charset in effect is used. There are two special character set names - "UTF-8" and "_WIDE_" - that are recognized by this function. These represent UTF-8 encoding of characters and wide string ( NVARCHAR ).



The input data to be converted. String or wide string.


Input data character set, string .


The charset to convert to, string .


Example24.38.Recoding a narrow ISO-8859-1 string as UTF-8

select cast (charset_recode ('\xA9', 'ISO-8859-1', 'UTF-8') as varbinary)
  -- converts "Copyright sign" to UTF-8 (output 0xC2A9)
select cast (charset_recode ('\xC0', 'WINDOWS-1251', 'ISO-8859-5') as varbinary)
  -- converts "Cyrillic A" from WINDOWS-1251 charset to ISO-8859-5 (output 0xB0).
select cast (charset_recode (N'\x410', '_WIDE_', 'WINDOWS-1251') as varbinary)
  -- converts "Cyrillic A" from Unicode to WINDOWS-1251 charset (result '\xC0').
select charset_recode (N'\x410', '_WIDE_', 'ISO-8859-1')
  -- converts "Cyrillic A" from Unicode to ISO-8859-1 charset (Not available : result '?').