client_attr — returns a varchar containing the requested information from the connection


varchar client_attr ( in attr varchar );



can by one of the following:

client_protocol - returns connection protocol (HTTP/1.0, HTTP/1.1, SQL -- SQL corresponds to ODBC, JDBC, .net, OLEDB).
client_ip - returns the IP where the invoking connection originates. for unix domain socket or internal scheduled task, otherwise the ip of the http or sql client.
accepting_ip - returns the local listener through which the call came. If unix domain socket or internal scheduled operation, this is
client_application - returns the application name as sent by the driver. Empty string if unknown or internal.
client_ssl - returns one if SSL encrypted connection either for SQL or HTTPS. False if internal or unix domain socket.
client_certificate - If certificate based login, returns the certificate, null otherwise.
transaction_log - 0 if the transaction log is off (turned on/off by log_enable () ); 1 if on (default) .


Table24.11.Errors signalled by client_attr

SQLState Error Code Error Text
22005 SR401 Server address not known.
22005 SR402 Cannot allocate temp space. SSL error : xxx
22005 SR403 xxx is not valid client_attr option.