DAV_EXP — Export a retrieved Web site to another WebDAV enabled server


WS.WS. DAV_EXP ( in host varchar ,
in url varchar ,
in root varchar ,
in dst varchar );


This function is used to export local content retrieved from a Web Robot Copy to the local file system.



The target host name


start path on target


local WebDAV collection that contains the retrieved content


absolute URL to the WebDAV folder to export content to

Return Types

The function returns a non-zero value (can be an error description) if an error occurred while exporting.


Table24.23.Errors signalled by DAV_* functions

Error Code Description
>=0 success
-1 The path (target of operation) is not valid
-2 The destination (path) is not valid
-3 Overwrite flag is not set and destination exists
-4 The target is resource, but source is collection (in copy move operations)
-5 Permissions are not valid
-6 uid is not valid
-7 gid is not valid
-8 Target is locked
-9 Destination is locked
-10 Property name is reserved (protected or private)
-11 Property does not exists
-12 Authentication failed
-13 Operation is forbidden (the authenticated user do not have a permissions for the action)
-14 the target type is not valid
-15 The umask is not valid
-16 The property already exists
-17 Invalid property value
-18 no such user
-19 no home directory


Example24.81.Exporting to the Filesystem

WS.WS.LFS_EXP ('', '/help/', 'sites/www_foo_com', '/tmp/');
WS.WS.DAV_EXP ('', '/help/', 'sites/www_foo_com',