http_debug_log — set WebDAV HTTP request logging


http_debug_log ( in file_path varchar );


When an valid path string is supplied and it is allowed in file ACL list, the WebDAV HTTP requests and responses will be logged in append mode in to that file. When an open logging session is encountered the second call will produce an error. Specifying a NULL instead of file_path string stops the logging.

The log file consists of lines with following fields:

  • The request and response are marked by <<< and >>> signs

  • Client IP address

  • Date and time of request/response

  • Timestamp (milliseconds)

  • Request/response line


Table24.39.Errors signalled by http_debug_log

SQLState Error Code Error Text Description
42000 FA041 HTTP debug log is already being generated
42000 FA040 Access to [file name] is denied due to access control in ini file
39000 FA042 Can't open debug log file [file name], error : [OS error]


Example24.157.Logging DAV HTTP Requests

-- start the log session
SQL> http_debug_log ('dav.log');
... do some operations in WebDAV repository via WebFolders or other client ...
-- stop the session
SQL> http_debug_log (NULL);

Produces in the server working directory a file 'dav.log' with lines looking like this:
>>> [] [02/Oct/2001 13:49:37 +0300] [40806] PROPFIND /DAV/css/one.css HTTP/1.1
<<< [] [02/Oct/2001 13:49:37 +0300] [40896] HTTP/1.1 207 Multi-Status