http_rewrite — Clears output written to a string output or to an HTTP


http_rewrite ( in stream any );


This clears any previous output to the stream. If the stream is omitted or 0 the stream is the HTTP client stream of the calling procedure.

All output from VSP page procedures is buffered into a local string stream before being sent out. This is done so as to support the HTTP/1.1 required content length and to allow recovery from errors.



Optional stream to clear. Null or zero (0) implies the default HTTP client stream.

Using http_rewrite()

Example24.178.A VSP page excerpt.

<p>Nope. You won't see this.</p>

http ('<p>This line will contribute to your local entropy.</p>');
http_rewrite ();
http ('<p>Now THIS is what you wanted to see, isn't it?</p>');