http_xslt — applies an XSLT stylesheet to the output of a VSP page


http_xslt ( in xslt_uri varchar ,
in params any );


This function can be called inside a VSP page to apply an XSLT stylesheet to the output of the page once the page is complete. This function will return immediately and the stylesheet will not be applied until the page is successfully formed. Any errors arising in the stylesheet processing will be reported to the web client.

The stylesheet does not have to be previously defined. The URI supplied will be used to locate the stylesheet. This can be a file, an HTTP URL or a virt:// URI for a stylesheet stored in a local table. Virtuoso will cache the stylesheet after first use. You can clear the cache entry with the xslt_stale() function.

For this to work the text generated by the VSP page should be well-formed XML.

This function is only valid in a VSP context. The xsl:output element will control the Content-Type sent to the user agent.



Absolute URI of the XSL stylesheet


Even length array of name/value pairs.


Example24.183.Performing XSLT Transformation of VSP Output

    http ('<a><b>simple XML document</b></a>');
    http_xslt ('file://');