import_jar — Creates SQL wrapper types of selected Java classes


void import_jar ( in files any ,
in classes any ,
in security_mode integer );


This function calls the jvm_ref_import() function to produce the XML, then transforms it to a set of CREATE TYPE statements and executes them. The SQL names of the types are generated by retrieving the fully qualified name of the Java class and substituting the . with _ (e.g.: java.lang.System becomes java_lang_System). The names of the static members observer functions are composed by prepending the name of the static member with 'get' so the static Java member stat_m is mapped to a SQL static method getstat_m(). As a result it creates SQL type wrappers for the specified Java classes.



Null, string or vector of strings. This can contain one or many Java .class files, .zip or .jar files to pick classes from. Null means only the classes specified in the classes argument regardless of their physical location.


Wildcard string or a vector of strings specifying which classes to describe in the resulting XML.


This optional parameter defines the access mode as follows:

0 - restricted (default if unspecified)
1 - unrestricted


Example24.187.Simple example

SQL> import_jar (null, vector ('java.lang.System'));
SQL> select java_lang_System::getProperty('');

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