ld_dir_all — Loads from the specified directory, including any and all subdirectories.


ld_dir_all ( in dir_path varchar ,
  in file_mask varchar ,
  in target_graph varchar );


Adds files from the specified directory, including any and all subdirectories, to control list set up in the virtuoso.ini file.



path to the folder where the files will be loaded


SQL like pattern to match against the files in the directory


target graph IRI, parsed triples will appear in that graph.

Return Types

The return value is not specified and may be changed in future versions.


Example 24.261. Simple Use

ld_dir_all ('/data8/', '%.gz', '');

would load the RDF in all files ending in .gz from the directory ( and its children ) given as first parameter. The RDF would be loaded in the graph.

If NULL is given for the graph, each file may go to a different graph specified in a separate file with the name of the RDF source file plus the extension .graph.

A .graph file contains the target graph URI without any other content or whitespace.