nntp_get — Returns information about an NNTP server.


array nntp_get ( in server varchar ,
in command varchar ,
in group varchar ,
in first_message integer ,
in last_message integer );


nntp_get() is used to retrieve messages from a server running the Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP) as defined in RFC977 . It returns an array whose structure depends on the command parameter, thus:

list : an array of vectors, each of which contain the name of the news group, the first message number, the last message number, and a single character 'y' or 'n' as a flag for posting.
group : a vector of three elements: total number of messages in the group, the number of the first message, and the number of the last message.
stat : an array of vectors, each of which contains the number of the message and the message id.
article, body, head : an array of vectors each containing the message number and the requested part of the message.



The IP address or <hostname:port> of the host with which to connect. There is no default for port , so to connect to the standard port for NNTP, use <hostname/IP address>:119.


Command string . Valid values are:



A string containing the name of the newsgroup.

Return Types

A vector of vectors the content of which depends on the command parameter.


Table24.59.Errors signalled by

SQLState Error Code Error Text
22023 NN006 the command is not recognized
22023 NN001 Large ID in nntp_id_get
2E000 NN002 Invalid address for News Server at [host]
08001 NN003 Unable to Contact News Server at [host]
08006 NN004 Lost connection with NNTP server
08006 NN005 Misc. error in connection in nntp_get


Example24.225.Get remote messages

This example retrieves messages from a remote NNTP server and stores them in a table.

create table my_news (m_id integer, m_group varchar, m_text long varchar, 
  primary key (m_id, m_group));

create procedure get_my_news (in server varchar, in grp varchar)
   declare res, ent any;
   declare i, l integer;
   res := nntp_get (server, 'article', grp, 0, 1000);
   i := 0; l := length (res);
   while (i < l)
     ent := res [i];
           insert replacing my_news (m_id, m_group, m_text) 
       values (ent[0], grp, ent[1]);
     i := i + 1;

Here is a test run. We extract the article subject with the mail_header() function.

SQL> get_my_news ('', '');

SQL> select m_id, mail_header (m_text, 'Subject') from my_news;
m_id              callret

2                 New java method modifier "partial":  not quite abstract, not quite concrete
3                 Senior Design Project Ideas
4                 java & dummy terminals
5                 Re: What is the equivalent of WORD in Java
6                 Re: What is the equivalent of WORD in Java