set_row_count — sets the affected rows counter in the current context or in the context of the caller


integer set_row_count ( in increment integer ,
in what integer );


The function set_row_count () is used to set the affected rows counter in the current context or in the context of the caller. Therefore it can be used to set the affected rows counter (returned by row_count() ) in places where an instead of trigger is used. If result of decrement of the affected rows counter is an negative integer it will be set to zero.



An integer to be added to the affected rors counter, can be negative also


The what have to be 0 or 1, 0 is the default. 0 - for update in current context the counter, 1 - to update the counter in context of the caller.

Return Types

The function returns new value of the affected rows , or -1 if action is not applicable.


Example24.372.Setting the affected rows counter in instead of trigger

The following SQL script will make two instead of triggers on atable "hid" and inside them will are called set_row_count to set the rows inserted or updated in the second table. Also there are two procedures which are used to demonstrate the return value of row_count.

          create table hid (id integer primary key, dt varchar);
          create table sho (id1 integer primary key, dt1 varchar);

          create trigger i_hid instead of insert on hid  
            insert into sho values (id, dt);
            set_row_count (row_count(), 1);

          create trigger u_hid instead of update on hid 
            update sho set dt1 = dt where id1 = id;
            set_row_count (row_count(), 1);

          create procedure test_ins ()
            insert into hid select * from chid;
            return row_count();

          create procedure test_upd ()
            update hid set dt = '';
            return row_count ();


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